The Culture War is Coming For You Whether You Like it Or Not — Monster Hunter Nation

Not only will you be made to live in fear, you will be made to live with the constant destruction of reality and the cancellation of anyone who looks on reality and describes it.


THE WOKE: Everyone we don’t like is a nazi. If you disagree with us about anything, you’re a nazi. That black woman? Nazi. That Jewish guy? Jewish nazi. That old guy who literally got blown up fighting nazis? Also a nazi for not agreeing with us. If you question this in any way? Nazi. And…

The Culture War is Coming For You Whether You Like it Or Not — Monster Hunter Nation

I was gonna post about this myself, but the ILoH does a better job than I can in pointing out that the ones shouting about how everyone that disagrees with them is a Nazi are the ones that are behaving like actual Nazis/fascists. If you haven’t seen Carano’s “anti-semitic” tweet yet, here’s a screen shot of it.


Because yeah, pointing out that the Nazis didn’t start out sending Jews to gas chambers and ovens from day one, but rather…

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Book Sale!

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To all my followers and casual readers: Please find new blog entries over on I am moving this blog over to my own site. I will leave this one up for a while and post the occasional reminder. I greatly appreciate all my followers. We are small in number, but we are mighty! Please …

Veteran’s Day

The essay below was written by my father for Veteran's Day 2011. Dad passed away in 2013. I am the daughter, niece, granddaughter, and great-grandaughter of veterans of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard (sorry Marines, we missed that branch!). ****** One among millions I am a veteran of the Cold War and …